How to recurve a ford distributor

how to recurve a ford distributor Also has gauges to adjust maximum advance in the Mallory distributor I purchased. The vehicle street cruiser Galaxie 500 with a stock 390 auto. For a 63 406 is shows 33 deg without explanation as to SP or DP. 4 104 Posts. We go from junk Stock Ford distributors have two slots. In a Ford distributor the breaker cam has two settings 10L and 15L. PerTronix Plug N Play Billet Distributors are designed for maximum ignition performance and easy installation all at a price that you can afford. dennis112. Cost varies by manufacturer approximately 175 400. I just did a whole write up and lost it so I 39 ll keep this simple. You need about 12 degrees initial with around 32 34 for your application depending on cam etc. While a modern engine is maintained at a razor sharp tune how could we improve the performance of a good ol days rudimentary mechanical and vacuum advance Advanced Distributors is your source for automotive distributor service. The Auto Zone part For dizzy is 30 2897 39. Ford E Core coil 8mm wires . Each Duraspark Electronic Distributor is custom calibrated on a distributor machine and blueprinted for your Ford engine to provide maximum power torque and instant throttle response. The small block Ford is no exception and Fully remanned and recurved duraspark distributors. Compare. I start by placing an assembled distributor yours or our rebuilt distributor on the distributor machine. Mallory Ford Flathead Distributors. 1987 Ford F150 5. performance engines need timing curves where the spark occurs sooner by changing the weights and the springs you can control the rate it advances. Last is adding a steel gear to an unknown regular Duraspark unit. Call for quote on Early Hemi 39 s Mopar Vacuum or All Mechanical NEW DIY Billet Distributors. 2. I have a rebuilt 460 in a 1990 f150 ext cab lariat 4x4 4 in lift 33in tires 3. The article alaroque 39 s referring to will be in the quot archives quot of FordMuscle. The 10 degree limiting notch on the centrifugal advance is 20 degrees at the crank. If you have a distributor with the larger. Next best value wise is a Ford Racing steel gear added to an 39 83 39 84 GT distributor. A lighter car can handle more ignition advance earlier in the RPM range. This is a 39 Blueprint 39 Ford Motorcraft Dura spark distributor. keep tension on both springs so. 4. e. At your parts store a reman duraspark is 50 module is 20 and coil is 20. Tinware HEI distributor new rebuilt or used HEI ignition lead connector HEI style plug wires. 99 W a 30. 00. 11. The zipper distributor mods and fixes. the only issue i had was my stock tach would no work due to a different signal generated by the msd compared to stock duraspark. Weights and centerplates eliminate erratic timing. Should that be sufficient FROM From A 1979 Ford F 350 Truck With A 460 CID Engine. With nothing more than a little time a Shop 302 Ford Small Block V8 Distributors and get Free Shipping on orders over 99 at Speedway Motors the Racing and Rodding Specialists. Custom Curved 349. 0L Explorers. I placed the gear according to Fords specs and ran it. PerTronix Race HEI Distributors use all new components and feature an electronic module and coil combination that optimizes spark energy and peak current to the spark plug in the 6000 to 8500 RPM range. Duraspark is a good starting point. The cost for Autolite points amp pertronix conversions amp the Duraspark distributors is 75. EarlE. I along with many others run a normal duraspark coil and have never use the resistor and have never had a issue. New distributor mainshaft with weights and springs AC Delco part 1894343. Single point. A good friend of mine who is a mechanic and for 30 years has owned his own auto repair shop says The Ford Duraspark distributor is an inexpensive and reliable alternative to the expensive aftermarket distributors. Not Yet Reviewed. You have mismatched parts and it was the fault of the last guy. There isn t any reason that you can t pull it recurve it install it and fire the car again in an hour even if it is your first time. Willys Distributors was started out as a necessity when I needed to rebuild an Auto Lite IAY 4012 distributor for my Sold Each. Does anyone have any information for recurving a Ford 300 Very slight bending of the mounting posts can produce large changes in the curve. I fear if the setscrew slips or gets loose from vibration the Jeep distributor may migrate up against gravity from the force of the spinning drive shaft. The Racing Ford DUI Davis Unified Ignition is a one piece ignition system that is designed to turn up to 10 000 RPM s It has the Racing DUI Coil mounted inside the distributor cap and the Dyna Module inside the distributor. Used core distributor for 1969 Mercury Cougar and Ford Mustang with 428 Cobra Jet and automatic transmission. These machines are not as common as they were Circleville Oh. I have a stock distributor on my 351W and looking to recurve it after setting the base timing a tad higher. FORD and Mustang Distributors 12127 C0AF 12127 B. are the Mallory YLM567EV and MSD 83506 ready to run Marine distributors. 4 753. I have heard that you can mess with springs and weights inside the distributor that will affect the curve or quickness at which the advance takes off. BS Tech Pro Tuning Secrets Finding 20hp in Your Distributor Words and Photos by Scott Liggett The proof is in the numbers. We usually install a 26 Pull your distributor out and take it to a reputable speed shop and ask them to recurve it. First try to get the emotion out of it. The mallory dual point will probably already have a more I have a stock rebuilt by Accel Ford Duraspark distributor that I bought from Summit almost 20 years ago. You might have to play with springs but usually using the 39 10 39 end and setting initial at 15 18 will do the job. Distributor HEI conversion. If your distributor is 40 to 80 years old and never had bushings replaced or has seen limited lubrication during maintenance of the engine then you might want to investigate if it is contributing to hard starts rough idle or lack of power. 6. Ford 87BF 12100 HA distributor Ford 1641861 Bosch Type JGF FUX 4 4 cylinder 39 0 237 601 013 39 Album click to view. I worked as Ford dealer tech for 44 years. Mallory Releases Unilite Distributor For Ford Flathead Engines. My damper only goes to 30 degrees BTC so I am guessing when I say total was upper 30 39 s. Not all Ford distributors are built this way. C3AZ 12127 AH. I bought my 8578 distributor brand new and took the cast gear off and put a steel gear on because that 39 s the gear Bullet cams recommended to run with my 1050 core cam. Tools standard wrench set flat blade and or Phillips screwdriver wire strippers crimpers. The quot curve quot is the mapped out advance on a graph eg so many degrees at whatever RPM . It is an easy drop in installation with a one wire hook up and no spark boxes are needed Whether your Ford came with one originally or if you 39 ve replaced your mechanical distributor with a DURASPARK system FordMuscle shows you a few upgrades via Project RedNeck. This video of a restored Sun 404 distributor machine demonstrates how to calibrate operate and then test an old Ford point distributor. I removed my distributor so I could replace the pip sensor stalling when driving is the reason behind this . Models include IAD IAT IAY IGC IGS and IGW distributors. The GM HEI distributor is still a marvel of simplicity and reliability after four decades. 13 Estimated Ship Date Today. I am in my 70s and this is my hobby that got out of control and I have the experience skills and passion to repair and Remanufacture reliable distributors for a wide range of vintage cars. install the springs from the. If you have a Prestolite distributor and ignition system a GM HEI is a good thing. Cost varies by manufacturer approximately 175 400. modify for performance timing anyone here with a lil. Three sets of advance springs allow you to adjust the rate of spark advance. Quick View. A dual point setup was the cat s meow and so was a recurve that suited the vehicle. The reluctor was the 15L 21L and was in the 15L side. Whether your distributor needs complete servicing or just a checkup and recurve it will return to you ready to run. The model I bought was for a chrysler since I 39 m running a Prestolite Marine Distributor. I believe it would be in the best interest of distributor to make a permanent repair because a failed clip might result in a destroyed distributor. On My 74 Gremlin 258 I 39 ve upgraded from points to AMC electronic dist from an Eagle wagon. These can be found online I have them bookmarked. 302 Ford Small Block V8 Distributors in stock with same day shipping. For greybeard hot rodders and racers it seems it wasn t that long ago that hopped up point trigger ignition systems were the standard for performance. In todays world of garbage gasoline you will probably need to recurve whichever distributor you use to get it perfect so it really doesn t make much differance. I have a stock Ford Duraspark distributor. 00 US. ALL DISTRIBUTOR REBUILDS INCLUDE NEW ROTOR AND DISTRIBUTOR CAP WITH BRASS CONTACTS. The Jeep distributor shank doesn t have enough wall thickness to machine a setscrew undercut like the original Ford distributor shank. 55 gears with a zf5. Jim Smart. This task can be accomplished without removing the distributor from the engine. It appears on this site courtesy of the author and the magazine. Several kits are available for the HEI distributor. If it were me though I d rotate the engine over by hand until the timing pointer is at zero and the rotor is pointed at 1 on the distributor cap and then pull the distributor. Diddling around with the remanufactured Duraspark distributor for my 250 six transplanted into my 66 Mustang . Mark the edge of your distributor housing with the location of the brass contact of your 1 Spark Plug terminal. Time 2 hours. 49 Posts. A small pump and extra belt will be present. Under the factory hood it says quot Timing is 12 degrees BTDC at 800 RPMs max quot yet everyone on here says 10 degrees and seen with 500 RPMs. We use syncrograph test benches and a combination of custom made and factory weights amp springs to recurve and remap distributors. Just make sure you don t let it start pinging that ll kill it quick. CAUTION Leaving the key on without the engine running will result in damaging the Ignition Module and the coil. The slots are numbered as to how many distributor degrees it will pull in double it to find the amount of crank degrees. Buy Now. A walkthrough on how to recurve the stock Ford distributor for power production and not economy. We disassemble inspect recurve to app on a sun distributor machine for your specific application. In modifying a distributor to quot S quot specs in order to increase the static timing you must also limit the spark timing allowed by the distributor via the stop pin so as to not exceed a safe total spark advance. The reconditioning process begins with a good serviceable used core distributor. My damper only goes to 30 degrees BTC so I am guessing when I say total was upper 30 39 s As far as I 39 m aware the only difference between the Ford dizzy and AMC dizzy is the body and main shaft. 99 W a 30. I 39 ve decided to share the AC Delco part 39 s I use to curve a SBC HEI distributor for a mild perfromance engine less than 1 HP per cubic inch idle to 4500 RPM applications. With the 15 degree delay for gasoline the Recurve can then provide timing advance for the higher octane LPG CNG Ford GM or Mopar distributors can be modified to your exact requirements. I 39 ve looked through piles of Ford Duraspark distributors for an upper shaft with an 8 degree limiting notch. 1 . New Billet Distributors now available. com offers advance kits that include advance springs that allow you to adjust the rate of spark advance from quick to super quick to ultra quick. A heavier truck may ping so they delay the advance a little. Keep it simple. Add To Cart. The distributor advance can be removed completely. The Ford vacuum advance cans were adjustable by pulling off the hose and inserting a 1 8 allen wrench to adjust spring tension. Also fits 428SCJ engines with C6 or automatic transmission Code U . My distributor has 15L and 18L. These units are NOT curved or phased Advance Curve Kit 57 75 GM Delco Non HEI Distributors Incl. That 39 s totally WRONG. Used core distributor for 1969 Mercury Cougar and Ford Mustang with 428 Cobra Jet and automatic transmission. 00 US retail and the recurve spring kits are cheap at about 7. Advance Curve Kits allow you to quot Recurve quot your distributor for full spark advance at the optimum RPM. Step 6. Not being a fan of the large distributor cap inherit in the HEI style cap plus possible interference with a 2X4 intake we looked at the two other options. Mallory Ignition Max Fire Distributor The Only Distributor with a Built in CD Ignition. Notice how all distributors use the same arrangement the switch is mounted on the breaker plate while the trigger is on the shaft. The Ford Duraspark we offer is a high performance unit for those who want a completely stock appearing or factory style electronic distributor. This is done by changing the springs under the cap. The cap is made in two parts the lower section is an adapter to fit the standard Ford V 8 distributor body. It 39 s hard to beat the factory engineered ignition system. i don 39 t know its part number but i 39 d like to recurve it. Distributor Doctor offers Reconstructive Surgery for worn and inaccurate Lucas distributors. Either with a remote starter or have a helper in the car turn on the key and turn over the engine check your dwell you want to get 26 . Cap Kits. If you find it necessary to put a 39 bumper 39 sleeve on the upright in the mechanism I 39 ve found that a small piece of aquarium hose is ideal. So is a Motorcraft DuraSpark ignition 2. 11. The advance rate total advance and initial timing are the basic adjustments. Typical Ford distributors. 00 plus parts amp shipping. We finally got another one in stock this one is dated 8J4 or Sept. With a TFI coil you wont need it either. I have changed the points condenser rotor plug wires and have put a kit in the carb. My damper only goes to 30 degrees BTC so I am guessing when I say total was upper 30 39 s Ford distributors locate the vacuum can on the opposite side of the housing which means they rotate counter clockwise. The long stroke also means the power curve peaks at a lower rpm so they need to get full advance sooner. by Speedway Motors. The most common time I can think of needing a recurve is when you put a distributor for a car on a truck. I have a 1985 Mustang GT with a 1990 302 H. Recurving the distributor involves changing the advance profile through modification or replacement of the centrifugal advance springs and or weights and if equipped the vacuum advance diaphragm. Kit is complete to change advance rates with a complete spring package. Fits V8 engine HEI distributor only. 2. 00 plus parts amp shipping. I don 39 t care if you just bought a brand new 500 billet distributor or not I can pretty much guarantee you that it isn 39 t set up for the best performance right Ford 390 FE Distributor Rebuild Recurve Advance amp add Pertronix II TOP END ASSEMBLY S ECTION. you can also change the springs to speed up or slow down the curve. Was this answer helpful 0 0 Report Distributor This is the stock motorcraft distributor from my 1978 jeep CJ5 that had the 304. 95 plus parts amp shipping. This recurving operation usually takes me about an hour or less. Our distributors amp ignition systems are hand built in house by skilled tradesmen who design each particular distributor to suit it 39 s specific application. requiers a small weld that is done to shorten. This was an area that I thought needed help. You can essentially recurve the distributor without a machine. 155. quot Installing a Distributor quot a How To Video from Mallory. This is a Reconditioned Performance oriented Distributor. Custom Distributors Ignition control Boxes A F ratio systems NOS controllers our FBO Technical Staff can guide through your complete engine management system and can assist you with tuning your dream ride to perfection. All the distributor pickups are the same even between 4 6 8 cyl on 70 39 s early 80 39 s Ford electronic distributors. I did a recurve before but only blindly followed someone else 39 s instructions and never knew if it was very good. Jacob and I demonstrate the distributor machine and fine tune a mopar small block distributor for both high performance use and gas mileage. 1986 1989 Ford of Europe Escort Fiesta 1. Great engines need solid reliable ignition systems to become legendary. Pls enquire. The But it seems to be sort of sparse on Ford dual point distributors. After reading some of the previous posts in regards to using the Chevrolet V8 distributor in a 49 to 53 Flathead i decided to follow the directions and actually do one for myself and check it out. Get the job done with the right part at the right price. I did this on my MSD setup and the difference was very noticeable but it was on a pretty stout engine to begin with. These cars can be identified with a DSO of 72 on their data plate. I reinstalled it and thought I liked everything back up and it s turning but not starting. Vintage Werks distributor restoration involves complete disassembly of each distributor we receive followed by a thorough cleaning of all parts. 1979 1993 Fox Body Mustang Engine Restoration A factory FE distributor with a Duraspark electronic conversion and a large cap provides far better performance than the strictly stock setup These distributors come complete and ready to run. Most O. If I had a little extra money The 2 distributors I really like that are easy to recurve and you DON quot T need an Ignition box MSD Jacobs etc. I plan on doing the HEI cause my distributor was garbage anyway. EarlE. If it 39 s equal to that or more use BOSS 302 specs. This prevents crossfiring with the higher coil voltage. 3 Advance Spring Sets Instructions quot Recurve quot your distributor for full spark advance at the optimum RPM Three sets of advance springs allow you to adjust the rate of spark advance Built in stop prevents the adjustment screw from quot backing out quot like other designs Weights and centerplates precision stamped with smooth It needs an external module or ignition box to run. If you have NO money and Access to an I 6 GM HEI distributor and AMC V 8 Drive gear and need a different distributor GM HEI is a fair swap. I am thinking it is advancing too fast and too far. Find our best fitting distributor tune up kits for your vehicle and enjoy free next day delivery or same day pickup at a store near you Distributor HEI conversion. 05 02 2018 03 01 PM. I initially had my dizzy set to be fully advanced when the engine hit 4000 rpm stock MSD setup . 4 out of 5 stars 1. If you must have the key on unplug the distributor at the white connector first. Set the points with a feeler gauge to . I have 2 1969 Mustang Mach I Super Cobra Jet cars and am currently TSP distributors are very similar to the MSD offerings and after inspection they are alike inside. 2000 2800rpm is a huge allowance for total mechanical advance. 3. New vacuum advance AC Delco part D1321A. Estimated Ship Date Today. Distributor Features and Specifications CNC machined housings have 0. ALL PRICES ARE REBUILD OF AN ACCEPTABLE CORE. Everyday Performance LLC uses a Sun Distributor Machine 504 to fully diagnose and tune your distributor. April 1 2009 Your Mustang 39 s distributor performs one heck of a job. TSP offers three different types of distributors the Pro Billet the HEI and the Ready to Run. 2800rpm is getting close but could still cause some spark knock issues. Its pretty nice you can easily custom curve your distributor to fit your motor. the advance shaft returns to its. I like to recurve my Ford distributors using this method Timing Tips for Ford and other Distributors. Add 15 degrees to the original factory gasoline set point. This kit includes three sets of The very best recurves are those that use the car as a testbed. recurve kit and bend the tabs to. Before I took it apart I took a baseline reading using a tach and an assistant on the gas pedal . It 39 s also worth considering that with dissimilar springs that you can recurve your distributor at different rates. Recurve kits for some models of distributor include a bushing or two for this purpose but in the case of this Buick distributor the pin hangs upside down above the points. Curved per application. We service many other brands so please contact us to discuss your ne. 25 6. smaller or placing a bushing around the pin to limit total. 00 core The Blue module is F 101 29. I can feel the compression with my finger but still no Complete installation instructions are included with all distributors to insure best performance and your complete satisfaction. Or you can use the duraspark to trigger an MSD box or something similar. If you don 39 t have vacuum advance just use the 289HP specs. Set your initial timing to where the engine idles best. note these custom modifications will be discussed upon receipt of the distributor rebuild recurve form . to see the present curve and so you have a baseline reading to compare starting at idle rpm 39 s simply turn the idle screw till the rpm 39 s distributor recurve question. patience can recurve thier distributor the hardest part. Ported vacuum is situated just above the throttle plates and as you apply more throttle vacuum comes in off idle. For this reason we will deal only with mechanical advance. In older ignition systems a distributor was used to allocate the power from the coil to the appropriate spark plug. Complete installation instructions are included with all distributors to insure best performance and your complete satisfaction. LD 383 400 389. Also did cap and riser from a ford to cut the crossfire. 60 63 352 Ford 2V FM or CM. Shown are a stock with Pertronix conversion left Mallory Unilite right and Ford Duraspark below . Core distributors will have correct stamping of C8OF J. ALL DISTRIBUTOR REBUILDS INCLUDE NEW ROTOR AND DISTRIBUTOR CAP WITH BRASS CONTACTS. Our team of machinists engineers auto electricians mechanics and fabricators collectively use their skills and knowledge to design amp construct our SCORCHER products. E. 60 352 Ford and Thunderbird 4V. The billet models do come with a curve kit. rpm load gear temp gas octane etc. 4 is a little high for pump gas but if you have alloy heads a little octane booster in each tank might be all it needs. Single point. Estimated Ship Date 6 28 2021 if ordered today Estimated Ship Date 6 28 2021 if ordered today Add To Cart. Bringing timing more quickly than stock can provide substantial increases in both torque and horsepower depending on your combination. When I took them out I noticed that they were not a matched set. Bottom end of motor has been freshened up basically stock with new typical rebuilders And Pertronix Show How To Make Your Vintage Ford Distributor Like New . Re building re conditioning and re curving are all catered for either to Clinically Accurate original factory specifications or modified to suit developed engines. Also fits 428SCJ engines with C6 or automatic transmission Code U . This allows you to change the timing without having to loosen the distributor just turn the knob. You need about 12 degrees initial with around 32 34 for your application depending on cam etc. You should see total advance before 3 000 3 200 rpm. Let me start out by saying the zipper can be a good distributor however I have had a multitude of issues from the start the first one would not fire properly sent it back module would fire intermittently JD confirmed it was a bad module replaced the module and sent It s possible to recurve a distributor with it in the engine using a timing light and timing tape see last issue or it can be done on a distributor machine. Oil Zinc ZDDP Additive Will do on adding the EOS Thanks Oil Filter I bought a Napa gold oil filter. The Thermactor was Ford 39 s smog pump that was installed for pollution control purposes on cars manufactured at Ford 39 s San Jose CA factory. MSD makes a very good distributor it has a great advance mechanism inside. Swapping a points distributor for something a little more billet or simply pulling a race piece out for a recurve or a new gear should be a simple 20 minute operation. BCS Remanufactured Distributors are specialists in vintage distributors. Okay I 39 ve seen some stuff on forums where people are saying that you need a dizzy machine to get set a curve. Recurve kits for some models of distributor include a bushing or two for this purpose but in the case of this Buick distributor the pin hangs upside down above the points. engine edelbrock carburetor and edelbrock intake. The weights have a number stamped on them that indicates total centrifical advance in camshaft degrees. You can recurve your distributor and have your timing fully advanced sooner or later say at 2500 rpm. Ford protects their stock coils from overheating by providing a resistor wire to the coil reducing voltage in the run position from 12v battery voltage to about Ford used venturi vacuum on their Holley 4000 carbs for use with the Holley Load O Matic distributors that had no mechanical advance. The distributor in your engine is a multi tasking mechanical machine It sends the spark to each cylinder at exactly the right moment it triggers the coil when to fire it advances the ignition timing and in most cases is used to spin the oil pump. Reproduction distributor lead wire without the boot for the coil. The Duraspark II distributor cap is larger in diameter to allow the high tension terminals to be spaced farther apart. The Timing Recurve will electronically delay the factory set timing signal 15 degrees. PerTronix Answer 4 6 2021. My latest theory is that the springs in the distributor are not allowing the spark to advance quick enouph. Set the total advance 28 34 degrees make sure the initial advance is enough to achieve good off idle response 8 12 degrees sometimes requiring the distributor to be rebuilt and then replace the advance weight springs with lighter springs until the engine pings with WOT at low Home. Sale No. 00 US retail and the recurve spring kits are cheap at about 7. No engine needs vacuum advance all it does is give you more power at slight throttle openings. Original Ford part number C8OF 12127 J. 3 Jan 28 2007. 2 liter Hemi have computer controlled management systems that accurately maintain the fuel trim and ignition timing to guarantee near perfect operation of the engine at all times. Original Ford part number C8OF 12127 J. If you really want to make it work with the DCOE you can use manifold vacuum DCOE does not have a ported vacuum tap . 4 This little jewel replaces the vacuum advance on an HEI distributor. 16. Recurve your distributor for full spark advance at the optimum RPM. There were at least two different lengths of wire leads found on 1967 73 Mercury Cougar and most all other Ford and Mercury distributors. You will have to road test on a gradual uphill grade at road speeds in high gear with the vacuum advance disconnected. Jeff Smith While using a distributor machine is one way to set up an advance curve it isn t necessary. 99. It should work but you have to confirm there 39 s a good advance curve or you risk giving away some low and midrange power if the curve comes in late. I have an MSD Distributor without vacuum advance on my 351w. The ignition system is made up of several parts including one or more ignition coils wires or boots and spark plugs. Discussion Starter 1 May 21 2009. yes. C0AZ 12127 B. We specialize in precision rebuilds and repair of distributors for most vintage and collector vehicles including all Lucas Bosch Prestolite and Delco distributors. Custom Distributor Curving. Lifetime warranty. Car Craft Magazine Reworking a Stock Distributor to Trigger MSD Ignition Systems Part 1. With the vacuum on it it goes from 10 50 or so way too far. I didn 39 t have to use it because the distributor was on the money for the blown Chevy S10 V6 engine it is installed on. The Mad Porter February 4th 2010 7 39 pm. you need a good tach to be able to read acurrately in 500 rpm or less increments 200 is great a timing light a screw driver and allen wrench and a pad and paper. Last. It was set at initial 14 degrees and had the stock heavy spring on one side light on the other that kept the mechanical advance from coming in quick. It is important to not have too much timing for a specific operating condition i. The reason for the extra cost of DUI 39 S distributors is the labor to fix GM 39 s very time In the late 39 90s Ford eliminated the distributor completely in 5. A re curve kit will cost about 10 way overpriced for 2 springs and can be installed in about 30 minutes without removing the distributor. The Auto Zone part For dizzy is 30 2897 39. Get the ignition sorted out and then recurve the dist then you will see some power. I believe it would be in the best interest of distributor to make a permanent repair because a failed clip might result in a destroyed distributor. 1. I 39 m looking to recurve my distributor it is my daily driver so I 39 m looking to get it dialed in accurate as possible. 0 of 0 found this answer helpful. 022. It was set at initial 14 degrees and had the stock heavy springs that kept the mechanical advance from coming in quick. 003 tolerances and are polished to a high luster. All that is required is a degreed damper or a timing tape a timing light a reliable tach a notepad and a bit of patience. This distributor is a development that along with modified internals marries the top half of a BOSCH electronic HEI distributor with the lower half of an original cast iron BOSCH Holden Grey Motor points type distributor. 30 month electronic ignition warranty applies. This time I have done a lot more reading and had a greater understanding of how a recurve works and what it does. Distributors. . It is good to about 6K rpm or so and around 400 hp. Oh yeah as for the ballast its kinda debatable. Tinware HEI distributor new rebuilt or used HEI ignition lead connector HEI style plug wires. Core distributors will have correct stamping of C8OF J. The advance curve plotted by running on a dyno and slowly increasing rpm and finding the best timing was not always best for an engine when on a fast acceleration. Did the same on my 76 J 10 w For the video and these instructions your timing is set to 46 . Everyday Performance LLC offers performance distributor recurving services tailoring your timing advance curve to your setup. 4 Quicktime Performance Exhaust amp Cutouts Mancini Racing Electronic Vacuum Advance Distributor with HEI Caps Stainless Steel Valley Tray for B amp RB Engines Big amp Small Block Black Valve Cover Sets Holley GEN III HEMI Power Steering amp Alternator Kits GEN II HEMI amp Wedge Cast Iron Engine Blocks Mancini Racing Leaf Spring Front Hanger amp Hardware kits Steering Column Installation Kits AMD 3 quot Wider B GM HEI Distributor Mechanical Advance Curve Weight Spring Kit. Tools standard wrench set flat blade and or Phillips screwdriver wire strippers crimpers. Vintage Auto Distributor Specialists. numbered slots limit rotation via welding the slot. I was reading the quot how to quot recurve information on the Classic Inlines site ci DSIIswap. Mamy car engines have horsepower that has not yet been realized. This recurving operation usually takes me about an hour or less. Most say to have mechanical advance start at around 900 rpm and all in around 2800 to 3000 rpm. If you send your distributor to a shop to be recurved they can get you pretty close to the correct curve on a distributor machine. Fully seat your distributor with the housing in the desired position and your rotor pointed toward the 1 Spark plug terminal on your distributor cap. PerTronix is renowned for our Igniitor Series Electronic Conversion Kits HEI Performance Modules Flame Thrower Billet Cast and HEI Distributors Ignition Coils and Spark Plug Wire Sets. the 6al came with schematics for it. I was told that you should have the breaker set on the lowest number because this sets the mechanical advance at 2x so it would be 30 degrees. Cleaning includes a solvent wash and for metal parts blasting with a very fine resin media that polishes the surfaces without unnecessary abrasion. Further if you have the attachment tab bent on one of the spring attachments so that the initial quot take up quot on one of the springs is retarded slightly from idle you can have a multi step fully mechanical advance that is pretty similarly curved to a vacuum advance. I had a test stand flatty engine ready to run and all my good Mallory vertex stuff was in use. Back To Basics How To Recurve An HEI Distributor Reliability a simplistic design with many interchangeable components and heavy support by OE replacement and aftermarket manufacturers alike makes GM s HEI among the best executed distributor systems ever produced. Simple no See all 20 photos You can buy a timing tape from MSD that will One of the best and sometimes missed tuning tricks is not to just optimize your initial timing but to bring in timing advance more quickly than the stock distributor can allow. Distributor Advance Kits. I used an accel brand HEI recurve kit the advance plate and weights of which are identical to the Spectre recurve kit I had both side by side . Smaller hardware parts such stock type distributors that are sent to a shop to be recurved should have the vacuum advance removed and locked out. Do you want to unleash the hidden horsepower and make full use of the fuel efficiency inside your engine We can get there by accurately tuning your engine. For a 64 427 it shows 36 dwell with a note that says quot with Trans Ignition use 22 24 spring tension 21 24 quot . The distributor gear looked good so I 39 m reusing the distributor but with a bigger cap and rotor from a late model ford. 00 core The Blue module is F 101 29. 99 shipping. Bronco amp Ford Truck Experts 248 437 5060. ford distributor is one of the easiest distributors to. Installing a 39 68 39 71 spec timing set in a 460 built after 1971 advances the timing for the cam and the ignition by 8 degrees because it moves both cam and ignition timing since the distributor gear is turned by PROFORM Distributors amp Accessories. 25 239 Posts. 2006 06 08T07 59. Button. After you have the primary set of points set and the dwell set block them off and set the trailing Ford duraspark distributor wiring. ALL PRICES ARE REBUILD OF AN ACCEPTABLE CORE. friendly distributors but almost any original or replacement distributor can be recurved to match the needs of your engine. Vacuum Advance Canister Ford Lincoln Mercury Each. The user must mechanically move the distributor timing ahead or advanced 15 degrees. 4 is a little high for pump gas but if you have alloy heads a little octane booster in each tank might be all it needs. shaft roatation. 3 Answers Submit an Answer Performance Ignition Systems Cometic Custom Head Gaskets. 00 US. 413 400 amp Hemi all SB 273 318 340 360. Just use care with the little parts as they like to migrate How to time and recurve your ford fe duraspark distributor How To Re Curve A Distributor and Why You Need To Do It. Using the timing light and tachometer increase the engine rpm until the timing stops advancing. When I follow the instructions Duraspark order one for a 76 ford truck with a 360 and use the ford duraspark or gm module and you really should recurve the distributor for your application I did it on my squarebird a while back and I 39 m doing it on the bulletbird soon. In our first part to this article we followed Yannick Sire of Sire Custom Performance take an old crusty GM HEI and do a little magic to it to find a few more horsepower. Using the information provided on the distributor curve worksheet I 39 ll work with you to determine the correct distributor timing characteristics for your application. Mon Fri 12pm 5pm EST Sat Sun Closed It also wants to kill if any load is applied to the engine. Being retired has made it possible for me and my wife Pat to enjoy our hobby of restoring Ford products. The trigger is a reliable inductive mechanism similar if not identical to the trigger in the Ford Duraspark distributor. point type Ford and GM distributors are pretty Checking Curves The best way to check the advance curve is with the use of a distributor test stand. A factory stock distributor with a custom recurve a Pertonix Ignitor ignition unit and a Pertronix Flame Thrower coil supplies ignition. 20 degrees initial advance plus 10 degrees in the distributor is 40 degrees total. O. C0AF 12127 D. All the distributor pickups are the same even between 4 6 8 cyl on 70 39 s early 80 39 s Ford electronic distributors. I understand and have skills to do this. We finally got another one in stock this one is dated 8J4 or Sept. To change slots you simply remove the armature assembly turn it 180 degrees and reinstall it so the pin is in the other slot. The cost for HEI 39 s is 85. Mustang 39 s with this feature required distributors to be calibrated accordingly. I wouldn 39 t bother. To use manifold vacuum you should recurve the distributor. Where can I get a set of springs and bushings to change the curve work like a captain play like a pirate Distributor Restoration. The result of these changes is to provide different advance at a particular engine rpm than stock to enhance performance. You will need to examine your engine 39 s distributor to check for this feature. Idk how hard it is to recurve it might be weights or springs I 39 m not sure. the connection on the distributor was corroded so i just cut and spliced the supplied adaptor to the wires. Ignitor Series sales have exceeded 5 000 000 units Our innovative Digial HP Ignition Box represents our continued commitment to lead the ignition industry. Time 2 hours. Most contain both weights and springs. Mallory has a plastic tool thats stepped that you loosed the hold down screw and insert it into the slot for the desired setting. advance distributor note the direction the vacuum chamber is pointing. Replacement Advance Spring Kit For Flame thrower Billet Plug And Play Distributor Qty 1 Part Number PNX D700700. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENT Timing Tips for Ford Distributors As David so aptly mentioned These writings such as these 2 mentioned plus ones you 39 ll find online and in books are great for giving you reference photos and some basic a b c 39 s of timing the parts involved and a peek into the insides of a distributor beyond just the breaker plate. Remove the distributor hold down clamp and remove the distributor from the engine. The first thing to set when curving a distributor is to set your initial and total advance. Ford 1. I 39 ve never read or been told of any problems with the drive gear when used with flat tappet camshafts. How to accomplish quot Condition C quot on your old Ford distributor. 6 ohm coils deliver more than 45 000 V to your plugs for fuller more Today s engines like a 6. Purchased in November 2006 FordMuscle 39 s 1978 F250 Custom 4x4 came equipped with a DURASPARK ignition. I removed 1 spark plugs and and made sure the wires are correct per Haynes book. You do this in addition to modifying the weights springs to conform to the advance curve of the quot S quot distributor degree advance rpm . In some cases we will 39 lock out 39 the distributor vacuum advance unit to improve performance. Call Us Now 0438 885 347. Fully remanned. It has to deliver a timed spark to each The bushings in my last distributor went out so I had to exchange it and start all over again. Ignition Switch module 39 1 237 010 028 39 FBO Custom Curved Billet Distributor or . your engine is not running properly The first 460 429 Series 385 Ford engines 39 68 39 71 were built with timing sets configured to quot straight up quot TDC cam timing. pop the distributor cap then remove the rotor button under it you ll see 2 springs and weights centrifical force is what moves the weights out to advance the timing as the engine accellerates the springs are there to control how fast it advances as well to make sure they return to lower settings when RPM lowers. PerTronix D700700 PerTronix Billet Distributor Advance Spring Kits. Use a duraspark system to run it with the factory module. 000 to 0. 5. 25 16. 4 Dec 5 2001. com and is definately a good one. Discussion Starter 1 Dec 5 2018. An ignition distributor is an electro mechanical on board computer that controls when and in which cylinder the ignition spark ignites the fuel in a gas or gasoline engine. if you have not taken the time to recurve your distributor for optimum timing advance and power you motor probalby has not reached it 39 s full potential. Part Number SMP VC215. When this electro mechanical computer is not operating properly due to wear poor lubrication corrosion worn or broken parts etc. PitStopUSA. 30 month electronic ignition warranty applies. DUI 39 S are 99. 0L 302 v8 automatic 120k miles. or pinging detonation can result. The weights are stamped 13L. Then set your base timing at 6 degees and that will give you a total of 36 degrees. The distributor is turned by a gear attached to a rod which is powered by the camshaft. Either way a stock distributor although Duraspark for carb and TFI for EFI is a good choice. 70 delivered to your door via USPS priority mail. Totally reasonable cost. You can find them for about 52. Hi all I downloaded an article some time ago that said how to recurve the timing in a Ford 300. I hear if you wanna get max performance for the 4. Do this kit work with every MSD distributor Asked by OSCAR on 2 18 2018. your centrifical advance for automatic performance. KS. It absolutely does make Standard Motor Products VC 215 Standard Motor Vacuum Advance Canisters. 2000rpm is way too early for a stock geared or torque converter street car. A recurve kit can pull it out of an emissions tune into a performance tune. The following photo is a late 60 39 s Ford distributor with the breaker plate springs and weights removed. My distributor goes from 10 30 without a vacuum line on it then maxes out at 30. I have spent hours researching how to recurve a distributor. This is the longer wiring harness about 20 inches outside of the distributor. TxHighboyFE. For example my dizzy is from a 1978 360 from a MN J20. After about 1000 miles of drive time I decided to recurve the distributor only to find it had a few issues. The Ford Dura spark distributor is an inexpensive and reliable alternative to the expensive aftermarket distributors. The timing recurve works so well because of the higher than stock initial timing and this makes the engine harder to turn over. TFI is easy run as is. Original Thread. plate that has the 10 15 slots and use the 10. You have to remember crank degrees are twice distributor degrees. Tempered oversized diameter shaft has high torsional stiffness for more accurate timing and long life. The distributor is a brand new not remanufactured GM unit. It is what it is. It was set at initial 14 degrees and had the stock heavy spring on one side light on the other that kept the mechanical advance from coming in quick. Here s how to maximize its performance on the cheap. 00 . Choosing a PROFORM distributor means choosing components produced by highly specialized machines assembled by highly trained personnel using dedicated jigs and equipment with almost everything 100 new for maximum longevity and optimum performance. Here at Willys Distributors we rebuild repair and recurve early Auto Lite and Prestolite distributors used in Cars Jeeps Tractors Trucks amp Wisconsin engines. Changing the Advance Curve on HEI Distributors By Jim Hand This article and accompanying photo and sketches previously appeared in Vol. CLICK HERE to return to Home Page. 99. Pull your distributor out and take it to a reputable speed shop and ask them to recurve it. One of the least expensive and best bangs for the buck you can do to gain power and performance is to re curve your distributor. Moroso 72310 Distributor Advance Recurve Kit. So you may have to open or close the gap to get the 26 dwell. 45 spark plug gap. Cam specs compression ratio fuel type transmission stall convertor turbo amp supercharging all have a significant affect on how we develop ignition curves. 1 engine used an A series compatible electronic distributor. Replacing Worn Distributor Bushings occurs when there is a whole lot of shaking going on. I replaced the crappy module with the Chevy HEI module. 2 out of the HEI you need to recurve it so it doesn 39 t advance as much because it is in a different engine but that is only above 3500. Mallory Ignition E Spark and Unilite Breakerless Distributor Conversion Kit Installation Video. html Recurve Re curve the Duraspark II for Improved Mileage . Don 39 t overthink it you have tall gears a low compression 390 a big cam with a late intake closing that drives down dynamic compression an intake manifold that reduced torque and increases upper end and you have a stock distributor out of a truck this is expected and Customization For high performance and racing applications I can build a custom distributor. There is a pin that sits in one of the slots to limit travel. I have a stock rebuilt by Accel Ford Duraspark distributor that I bought from Summit almost 20 years ago. 1 No. Discussion Starter 1 Mar 19 2014. This distributor does not have a curve kit available for it but a distributor shop could recurve it. Bad advance curve with the Chevy distributors and the eBay HEIs. My genius brother thought it would be a good idea to throw the article away and now I can 39 t for the life of me remember where I got it. i ran a 6al in my 79 for a year with the stock sitributor. If your cam is truly mild say less increase than a 289HP cam would give use the 289 4V specs. The stock distributors have a vacuum advance canister while this Unilite does not. Accel advertises that you get 20 degrees of advance AT THE CRANK using their weight and any of the springs with varying rates of advance . SBC Distributor Conversion For 8BA Flatheads. I 39 ve been gearing up for a distributor recurve and finally got into it this weekend. Built in stop prevents the adjustment screw from quot backing out quot like other designs. 4 July August of Pontiac Enthusiast. Distributor Cap Base Distributor Cap Rotor Spark Plug Wires Make sure you don 39 t forget the basics and get a good quality distributor cap amp rotor with brass terminals or you are just wasting time and money with this upgrade. You can find them for about 52. Hello My name is Tim O 39 Connor and I rebuilt my FIRST Ford distributor in 1966 while employed at my first Ford dealer. The reluctor pickup weights and springs all cross. will be welding up the advance slot wich only. how to recurve a ford distributor